Electronic Densimeter

Electronic Densimeter


Easy density measurement of not only solid, and liquid sample density, but also new function of powder density measurement added with resolution of 0.001g/cm3 and reference value of 0.0001g/cm3 .

New designed Sensor and Auto-weighing function improve accuracy and working efficiency.


Only 10 seconds to measure density and volume, just putting the sample into the water. ldeal machine for the interval testing of production line. Minimum density and volume resolution 0.01g/cm3 .


Top precision model with density resolution at 4 decimal places for both Solid and Liquid. Easy operation, as same as the other models.

Suitable for Plastic PelIets, Films, Rubbers, Fabric and advanced materials, and Liquid density in the field of Medical, Food and Chemical that need to be measured to avoid the error on the third decimal.

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